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Who we work with is everything to us, our relationships with our customers really matter.  We love working with people who think like we do. We want to inspire everyone to see how important the safety of their staff, themselves and anyone around them is and we’re doing a great job.

Ecclesiastical is a specialist insurance and financial services company.  The charitably owned organisation provides services across a number of sectors including residential, church, real estate, education and arts and culture (the list goes on!)  With a focus on being ‘different’ and ‘working in a way that’s ‘good, not just a little less bad’, we knew the British Engineering Services/ Ecclesiastical partnership would be a successful one, right from the very start

At British Engineering Services, we take risk seriously.  We don’t get to choose the outcome when something goes wrong and we all know it can’t be left to chance.  With Ecclesiastical mirroring our approach, we’re able to focus on providing their clients with the very best inspections services with no compromise, ever.

We pride ourselves in the strength of our broker and affinity partnerships and our relationship with Ecclesiastical is a prime example of this.  We work side by side, making sure we’re on hand when we’re needed, with safety our number one priority at all times.

The challenge

When working alongside organisations such as Ecclesiastical, ensuring their clients understand the importance of having their machinery inspected in line with all relevant regulations can be an ongoing challenge.  For many, the legislation is complex often meaning they don’t recognise the requirements that apply to their business.

And for those moving from an existing inspections provider to British Engineering Services, the idea of making the transition can be overwhelming.  With the Ecclesiastical customer base spread over such a huge range of businesses and organisations across the UK, managing this process can take a huge amount of planning, long before the first inspection even takes place.  Making sure businesses get a continued service during the move is absolutely crucial.

With the so many different business types sitting under the Ecclesiastical umbrella, the inspection needs, and specific requirements of their clients vary significantly.  These can cover everything from avoiding certain days of the week to completing all inspections before the start of the working day, and a whole lot in between.

The solution

At British Engineering Services, our team of experts know everything there is to know about the relevant legalisation.  With Ecclesiastical, we continue to help inform and educate on statutory inspections, highlighting the importance of machinery and equipment examinations when it comes to helping make sure everyone gets home safe.  Our people are always on hand to help answer questions and make sure everyone knows everything they need to, to stay safe and legally compliant.

Our approach to transition management is undoubtedly industry leading.  We worked closely with Ecclesiastical from the very start of our partnership, making sure we understood and were able to meet all of their requirements.  Our 40 stage transition plan includes key milestones, regular check in points, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to getting it right.  We worked alongside the Ecclesiastical team providing ‘hands on’ training on our tools and systems, focusing on giving their customers the very best experience at all times.

Our e-Trading solution, BERT, our bespoke Broker Engine Rating Tool, has helped make sure we have been able to meet the inspection needs of Ecclesiastical and their clients, both quickly and efficiently.  All administration processes are managed via our tool with pricing quotes returned without delay and stored centrally.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we can always service the needs of our partners.  With our central planning team and the most sophisticated software, we continue to work with Ecclesiastical and their clients to plan around business needs, making sure inspections take place on time, around the requirements of their organisation, with minimum disruption.

At British Engineering Services we’re delighted to be working with Ecclesiastical, supporting more and more of their clients on an ongoing basis.

“During the transition Ecclesiastical have been really impressed and appreciated the assistance we have received to date from BES, the company are very organised and always readily available to answer queries and assist with solutions. They have been empathetic to the demands and needs of our unique business where required e.g. providing bespoke training solutions for staff.  This has helped to ensure that customers have experienced minimal interruption to their engineering inspection services during the transition which is very important to us,” Tony Hutchins, Underwriting Director.


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