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The challenge  

During a routine inspection on the number one boiler at a hospital on the Western Isles, one of our Pressure Engineer Surveyors found a defect.  This happens every now and again and is the reason statutory examinations are so important – the effects of a failing boiler could be catastrophic! 

Whilst the busy hospital was able to arrange for the repair work to be done locally, the end to end process involves a number of steps and can be complex.   

Hospitals are keen to avoid disruption and equipment downtime, particularly during challenging periods.  As a result, the complete project needed to be completed without delay. 

The solution  

One of our specialist consultants was made available to review and verify the repair procedure remotely, which is a crucial part of the process.  They can offer suggestions and query the plan if they think a different approach would be more suitable, but on this occasion, it was quickly verified as good to go. 

The repairs were overseen on site by our pressure engineer and once completed, we made sure our SAFedqualified NonDestructive Testing expert was on hand to examine the quality of the welding.  As the initial review found the repair work to be good, it was then put through a hydraulic test – the final part of the quality check process.  The work was then certified as acceptable and the boiler signed off for use. 

“Boiler repair work and verification is very involved given the nature of the equipment and severity of the risk if things going wrong.  Our team are undoubtedly the best and highly experienced in boiler repairs.  It’s important to us that we always do the very best job with minimum disruption and this is great example of that,” said Mark Ormrod, Technical Manager, NDT and Materials Testing. 


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