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Irish Public Bodies

Irish Public Bodies (IPB) is Irelands largest Mutual Insurer. With more than 1,500 locations spread across ROI and 25,000+ individual items, the organisation was initially looking for a strong and reliable business with an expertise in logistics on top of their core engineering inspections capabilities.

With a portfolio of organisations such as Local Authorities, Education Boards and the Fire Service, partnering with a business that leaves nothing to chance and provides only the very best service continues to be high on the agenda for IPB.

The challenge

A well-managed transition to a new partner was a particular focus for the IPB team. And with requirements spread across so many locations, the scale of the challenge was not something to be overlooked! Post transition period, the ongoing requirements of the IPB contract require a detailed level of management and industry leading service levels.

Our solution

IPB are just one of the many organisations we work with that have benefitted from our thorough, hands on approach to transition management. Our dedicated team worked closely with the business, taking full responsibility for their inspections schedule from the very beginning. We were able to move the intricate timetable across to our bespoke planning systems without delaying, keeping machinery compliant and, more importantly, everyone safe!

Our approach to scheduling continues to be effective way of meeting IPB’s needs, allowing us to schedule machinery examinations in line with specific needs. In addition, our eReport tool provides access to the latest inspection reports – quickly. Our reporting tool provides an archive of reports and allows trends to analysed easily. Combined with mobile reporting, which sees many of our engineer surveyors submit their findings just minutes after completing their inspections, we have done everything we can to make sure our customers are never in the dark when it comes to their machinery and equipment.

“Irish Engineering Services have fully participated as a trusted partner of IPB in delivering the care and attention to detail we expect and with customer support and transparency at the core.

This has been particularly important in the course of transitioning inspection arrangements which has been recognised by IPB’s clients.

Graham Orr – Commercial Underwriting Manager, IPB

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