A tried and test partnership with NFU Mutual

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Who we work with is everything to us, our relationships with our customers really matter. We love working with people who think like we do. We want to inspire everyone to see how important the safety of their staff, themselves and anyone around them is and we’re doing a great job.


NFU Mutual

Partnering with huge mutual insurance companies is second nature to us having worked with National Farmers Union Mutual for many years as Vulcan Inspection Services. Our relationship with the organisation continues to go from strength to strength and we pride ourselves on our solid partnership.

NFU Mutual are focused on the needs of their customers, from smaller independent farmers, to large scale food manufacturers and a whole host of businesses in between. Keeping their customers safe remains their number one priority, regardless of size and location, and they are sure to partner with external service providers with the same objectives.

The challenge

Meeting the needs of the NFU Mutual’s vast and varied customer base is on ongoing challenge for Vulcan Inspection Services, but with many years of experience we know exactly what we’re doing! Keeping Britain safe is our number one priority and with NFU Mutual working to the same objectives, the partnership continues to be successful.

What we did

Using the latest planning technology and dedicated team of planners, we are able to work with NFU Mutual customers directly to meet their engineering inspections needs without causing disruption to their businesses, no matter how busy they may be. For many of this customer base, scheduling inspections around their busiest periods, such as harvest when making sure all machinery is productive at all times is crucial, is absolutely essential.

Our industry leading tools combined with our hands-on approach has allowed us to meet the needs of our customers, keeping their businesses functional and compliant and, more importantly, their businesses safe, at the same time.

Vulcan Inspection Services have played a pivotal role in helping NFU Mutual to make the farming and commercials sectors we support safer. For over 20 years they have continued to add value to our business, and those of our clients, as well as maintain a high level of personal service and product innovation.

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