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Who we work with is everything to us, our relationships with our customers really matter. We love working with people who think like we do. We want to inspire everyone to see how important the safety of their staff, themselves and anyone around them is and we’re doing a great job.



With our extensive experience in the energy and gas sector continuing to grow and grow, we’re often the obvious choice for businesses needing support in this field. We’ve worked with companies like Storengy UK Ltd for many years and not only understand the complexities of this sector, but face them head on to deliver the very best end to end service.

Our work with Storengy takes place on a project by project basis and we’re delighted to be considered as one of their ‘go to’ partners. With this international company working with products such as gas, safety is key, and they need to be sure that nothing is left to chance. Ever.

The challenge

Storengy owns and operates the Stublach Gas Storage Facility located in Cheshire where natural gas is stored over 500 metres below the surface in salt caverns.

To help transport the Gas in and out of the underground storage caverns, a gas compression station was developed. A project of this scope and nature brings with it a whole host of technical requirements to guarantee the safety of the equipment and everyone involved in the project.

Our solution

We were delighted to work alongside Storengy UK Ltd to provide Notified Body Services (reviewing, testing and issuing a Declaration of Conformity – permitting use of the CE mark on the relevant machine) at their Stublach Gas Storage Facility, in Cheshire.

“If something went wrong at a site of this nature, it would be disastrous and it’s just not an option.  We help make sure the complete development phase is in line with the Pressure Directive and everything is just as it should be,” said Dean Greenwood, Consultancy Engineer.

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