Solving Your Inspection and Certification Needs: Working Together for Your Safety and Compliance

We don’t expect you to already have the solution when you contact us. We work alongside you to understand your requirements right from the very beginning.  When it comes to your specialist inspection and certification needs, we’ve got it covered.  And we’ll keep you safe and compliant along the way.

Our certification services cover a whole range of specialist inspection and certification services.  From verifying your product designs to guidance on taking equipment out of use, we’re the experts.  You’ll work with some of the very best, most skilled people there are during your project.

Our engineer consultants can work with you to:

  • Verify design specifications
  • Carry out weld approvals
  • Act as a certified body
  • Complete audits

We complete:

  • Conformity assessment under UK product regulations including Pressure Equipment, Simple Pressure Equipment, Machinery and Lifts
  • ISO 9001 certification audits 
  • EN ISO 3834 quality requirements for welding 
  • EN 1090 audits for structural steel work to that standard
  • Complete examinations on equipment to verify it’s safe and fit for purpose before you buy it.  We can also do this after you’ve made the purchase, before you put your kit to use.  And we can issue a ‘fit for purpose’ certificate where required
  • If you’re operating older or well used equipment, we can advise how to extend the lifespan of the kit.  We can even advise if it should be taken out of use where it is no longer safe
  • External certification

We make no secret that it’s our people that make us the industry leading company we are.  Our passion for what we do and our drive to make Britain a safer place means we’re special.  And we’ve really set the benchmark high.  Combined with our impressive suite of accreditations and the very latest tools and technology, we’re really leading the way.

Our brilliant people manage your specialist inspection and certification needs.

Meet Graeme Duxbury

Consultant Head Office Engineer Graeme Duxbury has had the pleasure of working on some pretty impressive projects during his time with the BES Group so far. From ‘super cranes’ to ‘super yachts’, he’s spent time in some spectacular locations.  He carries out intricate inspections to help keep our customers and their people safe.

Graeme travels all over the world to meet the needs of our customers and has made many visits to Germany, Spain and even Florida to work on an aptly titled super yacht. “We’ve done everything from bespoke inspections to consultancy work on the huge ship for a number of years, normally when it docks for its annual refit,” said Graeme.

He was even involved in making sure the huge SK190 crane used during the major redevelopment of Earls Court in 2018 was safe and ready for action. With a lifting capability of up to 4,000 tonnes, the huge machine took almost two months to inspect.

Meet Ben Jenkins

Ben joined the BES Group in 2019 as a Head Office Engineer.  His customer focus and specialist skill-set make him a great addition to our fantastic team and we’re delighted to have him on board.

The role of our head office engineers is varied and extremely involved, with our team completing a vast range of jobs to keep our customers and their people safe.  “We could be looking at a simple air receiver in the morning and a complicated heat exchanger or steam boiler in the afternoon.  It’s all very interesting,” said Ben.

With almost all new pressure equipment produced for onward sale in the UK or EU having to adhere to the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016, our services are essential for customers all over the UK and Europe.  This legislation covers the design, manufacture and testing of an item and was introduced to maximise safety and minimise risk.

Ben and our wider team of head office engineers are fully involved in the early steps, helping to verify the safety of a vessel right from the initial design stages.  As soon as they have confirmed it’s fit for purpose, our team issue a Design Examination Certificate, allowing manufacturers to move to the next stage of the production process.

Meet Alan Catchpole

Alan joined the company in 2016 as a Consultancy Engineer and loves the pace of the business and varied nature of his job.  He works closely with our power and chemical plant customers, helping solve issues and making sure they’re ready for scheduled outages.

His role covers many tasks and might see him:

  • Review non destructive testing, design and welding documentation for plant modifications and repairs
  • Assist clients with identifying root causes of plant failures
  • Create power plant technical review documents
  • Review pre and post power station outage technical documents and inspection summaries to ensure compliance with PSSR
  • Review thorough examination postponement safety cases
  • Carrying out ‘Risk Based Inspection’ studies of COMAH equipment
  • Assist in the training of the engineering surveyors
  • Assist the engineer surveyors in their inspection analysis
  • Carry out external technical audits for customers looking to be certified to BSENISO3834 and BSENISO1090 standards

No two days are the same for Alan and the variety of the work he carries out helps make sure he is an expert in many things and can closely meet the needs of every customer he works with.

Graeme, Ben and Alan are just a few of our brilliant people working to meet your every specialist inspection and certification needs.

For more information about this brilliant team and what they can do for you, visit our insights library here.

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